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[TUT] How to mod Gears of War 2 Level 100 With a USB.

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1. Move your profile to a configured 2 gigabyte or more usb memory stick and take the memory stick to the computer.

2. Open up Modio, click the M in the top left corner and then click explore my device.

3. Once the device window is open click file, open/close drive. Then click content and find a folder wiith your gamnertag. Once you see that keep clicking on the folders inside until you find a file starting E000. When you find that files drag it to your desktop.

4. Close the device window in modio and drag the file you moved to your desktop into modio.

5. you will see a window with your profile pop up. click contents and search for a file called 4D53082D.GPD then right click the file and click replace file. Replace the file with the 4D53082D.GPD file that i gave you to download.

6. Once replaced go back to the main tab and click rehash and resign.

7. Click the M and explore my device, open/close drive again. Find your gamertag and go through all the sub folders until you find the file starting with E000 and delete the file.

8. Once the file is deleted replace it with the file starting E000 that you moved to your desktop earlier by dragging it from your desktop to where the previous one was.

9. Once done take usb back to xbox move profile back over to hard drive and play one round of horde and you will be level 100.

Files/Programs Needed


GoW2 Modded GPD

Winrar for opening the files

I will keep updating the links as often as i can. If any of the links break feel free to message me and I will update them asap.


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